God has blessed us with a great list of preachers this year for Youth Rally. These are seasoned Youth Leaders, Pastors, and servants of God. Many lives have been changed under their leadership and ministries. 


Please, get to know them and pray for them as they prepare for this meeting.

Bro. Abdel Judeh
Youth Pastor
First Baptist Church
Hammond, IN

Preaching Friday Night

Bro. Abdel Judeh has been a youth pastor for 19 years. He served 13 years in West Virginia. In 2016, God moved him to Hammond, IN where he currently serves as the Youth and Evangelism pastor. He has been married to his wife, Minda, for 20 years and they have 3 children, Alana, Adam, and Derek.


pastor.RGreer (1).jpg

Bro. Charlie Clark, III
Solid Rock Baptist Church
Berlin, NJ

Preaching Saturday Night

Bro. Charles Clark, III helped his father start Solid Rock Baptist Church in Berlin, NJ over thirty years ago. For many of those years he has served in the ministry there full-time. Now as Co-Pastor, Brother Charlie forms a strong leadership team with his father that enables them to effectively care for the church family.


Bro. Charlie has preached at the New Manna Youth Rally for many years now and has been used by God to change the lives of many young people.



Bro. Tony Shirley
New Manna Baptist Church
Marion, NC

Preaching Saturday Morning

Bro. Tony became pastor at New Manna Baptist church in January 2004 after serving as School Teacher, Administrator, Sunday School Teacher, Bus Captain, and Youth Pastor.  Since becoming Pastor the church has flourished and grown spiritual as Bro. Tony has followed the Lord's leading. For many years now Bro. Tony's influence has broadened across the nation and the world.